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Invest nothing, win everything – you might think this is not possible. With Finasta Investment Game it is. Finasta Investment Game 2011 not only allows students to build and improve their investing skills for free but also gives them a chance to compete for superb prizes. Former players remember the Game as a verygood experience before stepping into real-life investing markets.
The Game starts on March 7, 2011. The registration is free of charge. This year the Game is rather different from what players used to see in previous years. The first round, which lasts for 4 weeks, is traditional: students will be able develop their skills by trading on six European markets (Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian). However, the second round, which also lasts for 4 weeks, is more amazing – Finasta Investment Game 2011 offers an opportunity to exercise all available knowledge and polish one’s skill by investing into biggest world stock markets using real life trading platform, which allows trading on 18 international markets with stocks, FOREX, commodities and other financial instruments!
The prize pool this year is very promising – 2000 EUR. Also you have a chance to win classy investment books for showing the best weekly performance.
More detailed information can be found on Finasta Investment Game’s website Don’t forget to join us on Facebook too.
Yours financially,
iFund / Finasta Investment Game organizers

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Finasta Investment Game

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